HU Corner

HU Corner is my personal site about PC Hunting games.
I’ve always loved this kind of games but not always I could find a good one, and I can say that I’ve played (almost) any (pc) hunting game around :).

I’ve created HU Corner after I’ve started doing mod’s for HU games, so it could be a main place where you could find all the latest mods for them and also introduce other (hunting) games I’ve played.



Facebook Page: facebook.com/hucorner
YouTube Channel: youtube.com/hucorner
Twitter Page: twitter.com/hucorner
Raptr Profile: raptr.com/ita
Steam Profile: steamcommunity.com/id/italou80


Reviews / Scores

The game reviews and/or scores are my personal opinion on them and should be taken as (only) that.
I base them not only on the date the game was released but also compared to other games released at that time.