Posted by Itamar Lourenço on August 28, 2013
Deer Hunter 2005 ModPack v1.1

Deer Hunter 2005 ModPack v1.1

And one more modpack updated 🙂

This time for Deer Hunter 2005, I’ve made new installer so it will be easy to install it, and it also includes uninstallation procedure.

As for content, I’ve added 5 new ammo types: 3 for rifles (2 for pistol too) and 2 for the Mag revolver. For more details on the update check the ChangeLog page.

As for full features, check the Features page and also the DH Gallery page 🙂

Finally, and most important (of course), you can grab your DH HU Corner ModPack at the Download page.

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16 Responses to “Deer Hunter 2005 ModPack v1.1”

      • Pillionaire91 says:

        One more question man. How did you change the textures in the game? I can’t find any software to open the .TEX files or convert them to something i can work with.

        • ita says:

          The .tex files are simple text files. You can edit them even in notepad. But to change the textures you only need to change the .stx files, these ones are jpg images files. Rename them to .jpg, edit with any image editor and then rename them back to .stx. Some are already in .jpg .

      • combat mp says:

        can you tell me how to mod the sound file for the ele deer call i have tryed to change the wav file and keep the name the same but it dont seem to work any help would be greatful.

        • I’ve just tried replacing the call wav and it worked. Does your file have the same format specs than the game wav files (PCM 44100Hz mono) ?

          • combat mp says:

            yes i had it at 16 bits mono and 44100hz but i dont know what the pcm means.

          • combat mp says:

            Also have you tried to get any of the th2003 animals in the trophy room with any luck id like to get turkey in there and i have not been able to . i did get elk with a 1.2 patch but i changed it from muledeer to the axis cause i didnt want to give up the mule deer .

  1. Jack says:

    good site

  2. cscowley says:

    i got turkey in trophy room in place of the roe doe if you would like the mod i can email it to you let me know and if you want to tweek on it a little have at it just let me know

    • I don’t have much free time lately to mod but thanks for the offer. If i get some free time I contact you, thanks! 🙂

    • Pov Lis says:

      May you show/tell me how to do that please? I’ve already been able to change the animal profiles so that we can shoot them and claim them (squirrel, white squirrel, turkey, etc…) but I just don’t know how to place them in so that I can replace a deer to show one of those different animals.


  3. Reelo says:

    Sorry want to download this but it is full of virus, So the creator should make it safe and not hurt others computer

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