Posted by Itamar Lourenço on February 8, 2014
Deal of the day: Hunter’s Trophy 2

Deal of the day: Hunter’s Trophy 2

For today I bring you a great deal on Hunter’s Trophy 2 games, which are:

  • Hunter’s Trophy 2 – Europe
  • Hunter’s Trophy 2 – Australia
  • Hunter’s Trophy 2 – America

These are a bit old (1 – 2 years) and more for the arcade mission type but yet fun to play.
I already had two of them and with this deal I got the one missing, Hunter’s Trophy 2 – America. You can get them with a 70% discount at Green Man Gaming (original price tag of 19,90 € gets to 5,97 €).

In time I’ll post my review on these ones and upload the rest of the savegames.

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4 Responses to “Deal of the day: Hunter’s Trophy 2”

  1. RedBlueDot says:

    I’ve been searching for these for some time, thanks!

  2. Mydnyte says:

    Haven’t heard much about this one. Is there “free roam” hunting? Or is it all mission based?

    Might be interested if I could find some more info and reviews.

    • Heya.
      These ones are more mission based. You can replay the missions and there are some mini games on the areas but no free roam/hunt mode.
      I’ve been busy but when i have the time i’ll make a video on the game.

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