Posted by Itamar Lourenço on August 12, 2013
HU ModPack v3.04

HU ModPack v3.04

And time for a new version of the HU ModPack!

This new release doesn’t have a lot of new content but inside it’s a big update :). As for new features, it brings:

  • New weapon: the .30-378 Debs Ultimate Hunter Xpecial Edition is based on the 7mm auto loader, packed with special ammo from weatherby.
  • You can now choose any animal species when playing Free Hunt mode.
  • Installer script for the ModPacks and HU 3 Addons updated.
    • Now it will try to find the game installation folder and install automatically.
    • Added installation support for Steam version of HU 2008 and HU 2010.

Grab the new version now at the Download section and don’t forget to check the complete features and stop by the gallery section!

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19 Responses to “HU ModPack v3.04”

  1. BM Hunter says:

    Downloaded and installed! You ROCK my friend!!!

  2. Brian T. says:

    Awesome! Nothing but the best ever comes from you Ita! 🙂

  3. zanman546 says:

    Where is the topic where we can suggest new equiptment?

  4. Rry Amri says:

    where is the buttons to download??????

  5. MrSki146 . says:

    i can’t find where to download it man…

  6. Dovakiin says:


  7. esteban says:

    q es la unidad motris no tenes una imagen en donde este el boton de descarga…porfa constesta rapido.gracias esta muy buenos los mods

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