Posted by Itamar Lourenço on November 16, 2013
HU PowerPack 1.01 update

HU PowerPack 1.01 update

Here is the first update to the PowerPacks!
This update has some minor fixes to the games but big changes in the installers game support.

For the games, i’ve fixed a bug in HU 2009 and HU 2010 that was preventing .30-378 Debs Ultimate Hunter Xpecial Edition to be loaded in the games when using the orange camo (thanks to Brian T. for beep me up on this 🙂 ).
For the others HU’s (2 to 2008), they just got a version bump up.

As for the installers, among other features, i’ve added an alternate install method so that you can install them even if they don’t detect the game installation. To install them this way, just move the installer to the game folder (where the base.scs file is located, except for HU 2) and install from there. Now, when installing this way you must be cautious because if you are installing a different PowerPack for that game (i.e.: installing HU PP 4 in HU 2010 game folder), the PowerPack will get installed on that game and it will brake it.

I will also take the time to, once more, thank to Brian T. for his donation to the site. Thanks Brian!

Now, on to the PowerPack download page! 🙂

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37 Responses to “HU PowerPack 1.01 update”

  1. zmasimos says:

    e um jogo otimo e quero joga ele muito vei namoral e so brasileiro

  2. Brian T. says:

    Thanx for the HU PowerPack update Ita! That is awesome! 🙂

  3. Super job, it is fantastic

  4. bwchaney says:

    where can i find the original powerpack 1.0? DO I need it to make 1.01 and the 1.01 UPDATE TO WORK? THANKS IN ADVANCE BWCHANEY

  5. bwchaney says:


    • ita says:

      Well, updates only if there’s new weapons or ammo. But the mod already have a lot of new weapons and ammo so it’s a bit hard to add anything new to them…

  6. riki1 says:

    how to download that games

  7. Weihang Tan says:

    why cannot instal powerpack update

    • ita says:

      The update requires that you already have a previous version of the PowerPack installed. If you don’t, you need to install the full powerpack.

  8. Weihang Tan says:

    they are so many bug can you help me to fix it thank you very much
    why my auto rifle cannot see please help me to fix it again thank you . i love your work of power pack but to more bug

  9. Weihang Tan says:

    where i can find the hunting unlitimited 2010 v1.0 power pack
    please tell me thank you

  10. ilhom29 says:

    where can i find new animals mod (add) for hu?

  11. garrett15876 says:

    Dude i don’t know what I’m doing wrong but it doesn’t work.It just makes a file and when I click on it it i just get a message to move the powerpack to the game folder and when I do that I get the same message.

  12. garrett15876 says:

    I don’t know what I’m doing wrong but it doesn’t work.It just makes a file and when I click on it I just get a message to move the powerpack to the game folder,and when I do that I get the same message.

    • Heya.
      First check if you have an original game, i guess not otherwise the PP would ID it. Then check if you are using the correct powerpack for your game because if you try to installing it using the alternative method you might get the game screwed up. See if in your game (installation) folder you have the base.scs file, that’s the file the PP will look for.
      If you keep getting trouble, send me a email (use the contact page).

      • garrett15876 says:

        Every time I install it cancels becuase the pp could not find the base.scs file.I know I bought the original game.Does that mean that I can’t install?

  13. Jack P says:

    It keeps saying base.scs was not found, but it’s in my game folder.

    • And you have the pp installer in the same folder? If yes, the installer will detect the file and install. But make sure you are using the installer version for the game you have. On “manual install” the pp only checks if the file is there or not, not the game version, and if it’s different, then you will have the wrong files installed.

  14. Swat1 says:

    It doesnt want to download after 90% it just stops.

  15. how to improve the grass distance?

  16. Jedclampet says:

    I would like to try to mod for this game could you direct me to the directories of the guns and models I will look some more.

  17. Josh Musilek says:

    I have an interesting idea for the scope customizer. Is it possible for you to add a function to change the minimum and maximum zoom and the scope type/wideness or whatever the correct term is? (ex. original game’s 1-4x, 3-9x, 4-14x, and 4-12x). I tried to edit that in the Base.scs/def/equiptment, but all of my weapons, scopes, and equiptment were gone when I started the game. I replaced the base.scs and tried a few more times, but finally gave up. I don’t know what I did wrong either. I would like to have close to the original game scopes back, yet have all the other power pack features. Thank you for all that you do to make Hunting Unlimited Better. 🙂

    • The scope customizer is more a installer program that i did. What you want is more a “standalone” mod program. I currently don’t have much time free to do one. As for modding hu, send me a email via the contact page/form saying what you are trying to do and i’ll check that.

  18. I want to modding HU 2008. I have got base.scs file. I imported it with Winrar. I want to import models in blender, but i can’t import.When i download .csc addons for blender, they are giving error.They are addons for Euro Truck Simulator. Please help me what can i do for editing models in Hunting Unlimited.

    • Only in HU 3 and earlier you could import, to some degree, the models using ETS plugins/addons. The models of HU are different from ETS, sou you can’t really import them (unless someone makes a specific plugin/addon for them).

  19. Bambacha says:

    I want to download the PowerPack for HU4. I go to the downloads page, click the link, and when the download reaches 99% it stops saying this:

    “Blocked:May contain a virus or spyware”

    I tried to download with the antivirus set to off, but it keeps saying that. I never encountered that before in my life, so I’m pretty sure that something is going on. Plz reply, because I can’t download it at all.

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