Posted by Itamar Lourenço on August 24, 2013
ModPack out, PowerPack in!

ModPack out, PowerPack in!

Well, now the installer(s) is(are) the way i wanted to, so I’ve also made some changes. I’ve combined/included all the features from the ModPack, HU Corner Range and SU (Sniper Utility) in one pack, thus the PowerPack! 🙂

For a complete detail on changes and features you can check the Features page and the ChangeLog page.


Things I’ve changed since the latest (v3.04) ModPack;

  • upgraded my scopes from 6-24x to 8-40x with 4 steps of zoom level.
  • changed the name of the scopes to their zoom level so you can now customize their reticles using the HU PowerPack Scope Customizer Addon.
  • included the HU Corner Range.
  • included the features of the SU (extended limits: view, RF and shooting).
  • enabled game mini maps for Free Hunt. These maps are used on the intro’s. They’re smaller than the normal ones, but you can still use them to hunt. Watch out to not fall out, ’cause them don’t have borders.
  • increased number of generated animals by the game.

As for this last one, I can see a question coming… “How about the tourneys?”
Well, what about them?!? Is this gonna affect them? Yes and no!

The increased number of animals will not increase also the chance to get a bigger (score) animal. The game will still distribute the scores as it normally does so the % is the same. The only thing that changes is that you will have more animals, they can be bigger (in score) or smaller, but you will still have the same % and randomness.
In fact, as HU4+ has few score ranges you will see yourself trying harder to ID the bigger and better animals among so much more now! eheheh.

As for the installers, i’ve added support for v1.2.1 of HU2 and 1.2.01 of HU3, both versions from the Trophy Collection Edition. The installers will create shortcuts, and if you choose to also in the desktop, for the game tourneys folder.
They (installers) can be uninstalled, reverting all changes back to before installing. For this, i recommend that you allow the installers to backup the files and more important, do the backups with a fresh/clean HU installation.

And that’s for now,

Happy hunting! 🙂

Oh… and don’t forget to check also the Addons Page. I’ve uploaded some more 🙂

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41 Responses to “ModPack out, PowerPack in!”

  1. BM Hunter says:

    It really works! The SU feat’s without using it… How you did it??

  2. Matthew says:

    Awesome work! This could be like a HU 2012 instead of PowerPack! Congrats!

  3. Adam Dave says:

    Great work!

  4. Lara says:

    Love your mods!

  5. L Ventura says:

    Can i install it over the previous modpack?

  6. Kristian says:

    Because of your mods I’ve taken the dust out of this old games!

  7. Justine says:

    Finally I got to install the mod with no problems. Thanks! You are great!

  8. tperrette says:

    Even after a third installation of Hunting Unlimited 2009, the PowerPack Installer said:

    “Hunting Unlimited 2009 installation was not detected on this system. Hunting Unlimited 2009 PowerPack installation will now stop.”

  9. I have the same problem than tperrete.. And i have hunting unlimited 2010. Any help!?

    • ita says:

      That’s because you have a ripped version of the game and not the original…
      I’m going the add some more features to the PP installers so they install if you only have the base.scs file in the same folder, but if you like/play the game, at least buy it…

  10. bvcx3 says:

    This mod is amazing, thanks. 😉
    The installation was very straight forward, and the results were amazing.
    Only thing I personally didn’t like was the new target range, but all I had to do was download the file for it in the addons page and click restore original target range.

    • ita says:

      Thanks 🙂
      My range is really not that good looking, it’s more functional than aesthetic. But the stock range is so limited in distance that you can’t get much from it.

  11. I have learned your e-mail, thanks for the fast response, i redowloaded the HU2 PowerPack (revised) for reinstall and test.
    I will give you the result lather after test on activ HU2 tourney.

  12. Hi———–Ita
    Firebird-3 has tested the HU2 PowerPack mod in last tourney, in 6 minutes hunting, he saw 4 bucks moose, 1 female moose and 2 elks.
    You have resolve the problem, the mod work very well.
    Thanks Ita.
    Pat (André)

  13. ilhom29 says:

    Best pack! Thanks!

  14. ilhom29 says:

    where can i find a new animals mod pack for hu2009?

  15. garrett15876 says:

    I bought the original version but it says that it could not find the base.scs file what can I do.

  16. Dovakiin says:

    I very much liked the air gun but need a scope

    Im not very good at short range

  17. Randy Morris says:

    I have a comment about the mini-maps, you stated to “Watch out to not fall out, ’cause them don’t have borders”, my question is this, can the animals fall off the map too? The reason I asked is because I was driving them towards the brim and they dissapeard and I know I didnt shoot them…

    Just wondering 🙂

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