Posted by Itamar Lourenço on March 30, 2015
Site News 3/2015

Site News 3/2015

In the last days, HU Corner site has been flooded with attempts to access the backend part of the site, mainly from Russia, Ukraine and neighbors countries.

Now, the site doesn’t have anything special on it. All the stuff here is accessed via the regular access to the site and even if someone could access the backend, the only thing possible to do is to add a game page.

I’m really getting tired of all this stupid access attempts, which not only are unsuccessful but even if someone could access, it would end up in nothing because the site only has the functionality to add game pages and nothing more.

I’ve started sending reports to the ip’s ISP about the attempts, along with the site logs, so they can handle them.

And due to this I will NOT give anymore support and/or help to people from these countries.
In the past I have helped many players from these countries, from helping them installing the mods/powerpacks to even making some custom personal mods, but NOT anymore now!

The complaint reports were sent to the logged ip ISP’s and if this situation continues I will BLOCK permanently the access to the site from these countries, meaning that no one from these countries will be able to see the site anymore.

Again, the site doesn’t has anything special on it but I’m tired of having several access attempts per day on it.

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  1. Shane says:

    I’m enjoying your mods today, and i was wondering if i could still submit a mod request for HU 08?

  2. Ed D Smith says:

    Hey Ita, this is quasi from HU forums. not sure if you remember me; but I am having trouble downloading the powerpack for hu2010. it is being blocked by smartscreen. I have tried turing of the smartscreen but I must not be doing it right because it still blocks it. can you help me?

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