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theHunter: Primal (Early Access)

theHunter: Primal (Early Access)

Hunt – Explore – Survive

Step into a huge Jurassic world (24 km2 / 9.3 mi2) where the very environment will challenge your survival skills.

theHunter: Primal is a new member in the highly popular theHunter Franchise created by Expansive Worlds and Avalanche Studios. Since the release of the original game over 4.5 million players have played the game!

theHunter: Primal offers both singleplayer and multiplayer modes (up to 16 players), and you can make each game session private. For a real challenge join or create a PvP session, but for players that want to focus on cooperation you can turn PvP off.

In theHunter: Primal players begin with very limited equipment. You need to explore the island in search of more powerful weapons, clothing and equipment. Sounds easy? Well not only is the island littered with poisonous plants, but deadly dinosaurs roam the island looking to feast on the weak.

Only the foolish will challenge the mighty Tyrannosaur Rex alone. Careful planning, cooperation and backpacks filled with ammo and weapons is needed to bring this beast down. But watch out! The island is also populated with highly intelligent Utahraptors traveling in packs. Like wolves they communicate and work together to bring down a lonely hunter. Make sure to check you six! Want a more peaceful hunt? In that case the Triceratops might be an easier prey.

The game features a persistent inventory system, which means that what you collect in one game session is available in another. But alas, this comes with a price. If you die, all your equipment is lost, but if you are fast enough you can claim back your lost backpack before another hunter loots your stuff. For the more helpful players, we have made sure that you can share items with your other hunters. “



The theHunter: Primal is the newest (yet to be) release from Expansive Worlds, the developer of the well known and highly rated hunting game theHunter.
You can get it, early access, at Steam.

You are sent to the planet Primal Eden for recolonization, a beautiful but dangerous planet. As a pioneer your main goal is to explore and learn about it, so it can provide for the human needs.
You start the game by being dropped off on a island with nothing else than a bow, some arrows (call it primitive 😉 ) and of course some clothes. You also have your always truly companion pda, the SettlerMate.

The game area, a island, is pretty big comparing to most hunting games (except of course, for theHunter which have huge areas) so you have lots of terrain to run around and the environment really resembles a primitive (primal) environment. It looks like the Jurassic Park scenario and even the environment can do you harm.
In here, you will find several camping sites where you can get your gear via looting container boxes. You will also find pda’s with entry logs about those camping sites and their history.

At the moment, the gear you can find and use in the game includes weapons like the Improvised Bow, the .44 Disciplinary Handgun, a 12 GA Crowd Control Shotgun, the .308 Marksman Rifle and a .700 Double Rifle. You also find the corresponding ammo and some weapons also have optical sights that can be used. You also have camo clothes, that depending on the camo type will be less or more effective and some consumables like the health canisters and map cards. As this is a hunting game, you also have a caller for one of the planet species, which sounds pretty cool.

As for the game species, there are 3 but EW confirmed that by the end of the early access there will be at least 1 new more. Currently there are Triceratops, Utahraptor and the famous T-Rex. As you might conclude from the names, the Triceratops are the peaceful ones as the raptors and T-rex the dangerous ones – the T-Rex is really an automatic death sentence!!!.
The animals have a decent AI, for an early release, and for now they just walk around and hunt you down when they spot you (except for the triceratops that runs away). One thing I would like to see is species/animal interaction, lets hope they do it!

The gameplay is pretty straight-forward. First you will want to search for better gear and lots of ammo, meanwhile trying to avoid the raptors and t-rex so you can survive and then, well geared, hunt down the biggest one of each specie.
The game allows for single play, that’s really a game session with 1 player or you making it private, and multiplayer, which is really fun when playing with friends! When playing multiplayer, you can also choose if you want to play along or against other players.

Overall, and accounting this is in early release/access, it’s a pretty decent game and I really like to play it.
Like theHunter, it has great graphics (I love those sunshine/sunsets!) – it’s the same engine 🙂 and really sweet sounds. The t-rex walking sound… is simply superb! And you can imagine that this game will get better and better over time, as EW by this many years doing the theHunter are experts in hunting games.
Unlike theHunter, it’s a fast paced game where you will enjoy every minute. Sometimes I got bored in theHunter because I would rush and eventually scared off the animals ending up not seeing one or taking a lot of time to find one. In theHunter: Primal, you don’t have that problem. If you can’t find an animal, they will find you! (and you might regret it… lol). Also, there’s nothing else to pay in the game. In Primal, you just buy the game and that’s it. Everything that’s in game it’s yours and you don’t have to pay for anything else.

Well, it’s all for now. After the holidays I’ll try to make some helpers and videos on the Primal for the site.

Happy Dino hunting! and Happy holidays y’all!

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  1. RedBlueDot says:

    Seems decent alright. When I get it lets do some group hunt!

  2. Suarez says:

    Is it online like thehuner?

  3. Hen Yung says:

    Where to get?

  4. Joca says:

    How do you kill the TRex?

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