Posted by Itamar Lourenço on March 7, 2015
theHunter: Primal – Game update 2015030401

theHunter: Primal – Game update 2015030401

This update has been released a few days ago and since then a patch has also been released.

Among the various new features, the main one is really the introduction of a new specie, the Velociraptor!
These little chickens are funny but can be very dangerous. They travel in pack, like the Utahraptors, and they also resemble them in some behaviors. They just don’t charge and attack you like the Utahraptors, but also run away, wait and prepare to attack. They can bite you on the floor, or more commonly, jump you and bite.

Other great features are that now it’s possible to ban players from the game you are hosting and the spawn and animal population has been tweaked to be more balanced.

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