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theHunter: Primal – All Log Entries

theHunter: Primal – All Log Entries

Here are all the log entries found in theHunter: Primal (or at least I think so, I haven’t found more…).

If you find a missing one, send me a note!


For a map location, check out the theHunter: Primal Game Guide.

Location: Raptor Bay

Peter Murphy, log entry 25
“So we decided on a name for this place: Rapture Bay. We will be taken from this place and take our seat in Heaven. The blood is spilled, the meat is fresh and we can hear those who will deliver us beyond the treeline.”

Location: Skyfall Basin

Vasili Pavlov, log entry 90
“Whatever crashed here was NOT a simple meteor. I do not care what professor Kim says! My readings show traces of metal alloys that are previously unknown to us.”

Location: Site A

Sgt. DeMeyer, log entry 242
“The way the morning broke was quite unusual. The ground started sort of grinding. Smoke unfolded like a gigantic flower.”

Location: Diana’s Grove

Diana Lee, log entry 65
“I like this place. The ocean ahead, my back against the cliffs. I got a good gun and plenty of supplies. Things won’t get any better than this so I might as well end it myself before something else does.”

Location: Bushwack Meadows

Reyna Cromley, log entry 30
“Marvelous! Redmond was right, this is a hunting paradise! Just look at those three horned creatures across the lake. Those heads would look fantastic mounted above the great fireplace over at Castle Phaeton.”

Location: War Chief’s Mound

Unknown, log entry 1
“She was great war chief. Even Chop Chop was scared. A great sadness that it was Threehorn that killed her.”

Location: Site Z

Major Tyson, log entry X
“The Executive Board is convinced that there atleast has been some activity here that is not of human origin. I remain sceptical, so are most in the Security Division. Well,I guess we’ll mosey around here for a while and pretend to be looking for evidence.”

Location: The Great Egg

Unknown, log entry 1
“Out from the Great Egg came the Greatest Beast. Bigger than Chop Chop! It walked with thunder! It eat the clouds!”

Location: Cape Trihorn

Ground Control, log entry 543
“All systems are looking good. Descent is going smooth and easy. Hold on, you might need to circle around a couple of times more. We got some raptors on the landing pad again. Damn it! They’ve got one of our ground crew! It’s like we’re like some goddamn buffet for these bastards! Where are the Mercs?”

Location: Chop Chop Hollow

Trevor Ramirez, log entry 62
“And they said the locals are nothing but deranged inbreds! This cozy little spot makes for an excellent camping ground. I can’t thank those guys enough for showing me this place. Hold on. What’s that noise?”

Location: Mt. Sisyphys Research Station

Sumitra Jee, log entry 157
“We failed to predict the last eruption and now we are trapped up here. Communications are down and we have no fresh water or food. My guess is that we will be left for dead. It seems like the traditional thing to do on this hell planet.”

Location: Greedy Belly

Martin Leitner, log entry 12
“They say that anyone can challenge the Chief for control of the tribe. The challenge was not combat as I first thought but an eating contest. The one that can eat the most raw meat wins. They certainly deserve the name Red Face tribe.”

Location: Site B

Pvt. Leo, log entry 50
“I wonder if there are huge beasts in the ocean as well?”

Location: Sir Arthur’s Folly

Sir Arthur Night-and-Day, log entry 99
“You see, they have nerve clusters just a few inches into their nostrils so I should be able to use my thumb to take down a Tyrannosaur. But for obvious safety reasons I will use a sharp stick instead. Are we rolling? OK, open the cage.”

Location: Big Chop Grounds

Unknown, log entry 1
“We wait for Big Chop. Big Chop will speak to us. We will listen. Then we speak. Big Chop will listen. Then Big Chop attack stupid Red Face Tribe.”

Location: Madame Celeste’s Lab

Celeste von Lutz, log entry 109
“Interesting! These purple flowered bushes don’t actually attack the lungs. The toxin enters the body through the skin and actually stimulates the brain to believe that the lungs are being attacked. This is why gasmasks do not work.”

Location: Lava Lake

Eric Munro, log entry 78
“Here we could have a resort. Some sort of a health spa. Claim that the minerals in the lava rock is good for the skin. As soon as we get these beasts eradicated all my land deeds will start paying off. We must rebrand the planet though. How about Primal Eden?”

Location: Chop Chop No Go

Celeste von Lutz, log entry 21
“Seems like these feral settlers believe that their rituals keeps the Tyrannosaurs away from here. Well, I see no other option than to prove them wrong. I got enough meat here to attract every damn carnivore within a 10 mile radius. Chop Chop will indeed go.”

Location: Meteorological Control Station 1

Unknown, log entry 208
“Make rain stop now! Make rain stop or we kill you!”

Location: Crooked Creek

Mr Chen, log entry 7
“Mr Chen knows everything. Mr Chen has stolen all secrets. These secrets are what will make Mr Chen rich. And when Mr Chen is rich, Mr Chen will buy enough bombs to eradicate everything on this planet.”

Location: Site C

Pvt. Mustafa, log entry 22

Location: End of the World

Nat Lopez, log entry 5
“This is all part of some cruel show. There are satellites with cameras hooked up to a live feed in some godforsaken interstellar entertainment network. Someone somewhere is earning tonnes of cash thanks to us.”

Location: Site D

Angela Morales, log entry 74
“Guns, guns, guns! Where is the goddamn ammo!?”

Location: Crater Bay

Bogdan Domitrescu, log entry 84
“There are giant beasts here! Giant beasts! Why didn’t anyone tell us about the giant beasts?!”

Location: Feast of Damballa

Pauline Duvalle, log entry 58
“We brought our gods here. Smuggled them in. There are no gods here but ours. Baron Samedi and Maman Brigitte are happy here. The others are still sleeping.”

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