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theHunter: Primal – Game update 2015011402

theHunter: Primal – Game update 2015011402 So a new game update (2015011402) has been released for theHunter: Primal! Among other changes, the most asked for, and included now was the item stacking (along with splitting). It is now possible to stack ammo so say good bye to all of that 1-3 piles populating your inventory! To stack items together just put one in the inventory slot and then put the other over it, and the two will combine into one stack. The item to stack with must be in its inventory slot, not in the backpack. Stacking items directly inside the backpack doesn’t work. As long as you have the capacity, you can be grabbing items and stack them together. For splitting a stack, just click and drag while pressing the SHIFT key. Then choose the amount you want to split and press OK. You will now have 2 stacks of that item. Great to share some ammo with friends. As for equipment, they’ve added the Merc Binoculars. This bino’s are really a great addition to the game and also have Range Finder feature on it (i wish that it also had zoom steps but it’s fixed). The Game Guide has been updated for it. Splitting items Stacking items Merc Binoculars Merc Binoculars RF feature For a full description of the update you can check out the news page at Steam of the...
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