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theHunter: Primal – Game update 2015030401

theHunter: Primal – Game update 2015030401 This update has been released a few days ago and since then a patch has also been released. Among the various new features, the main one is really the introduction of a new specie, the Velociraptor! These little chickens are funny but can be very dangerous. They travel in pack, like the Utahraptors, and they also resemble them in some behaviors. They just don’t charge and attack you like the Utahraptors, but also run away, wait and prepare to attack. They can bite you on the floor, or more commonly, jump you and bite. Other great features are that now it’s possible to ban players from the game you are hosting and the spawn and animal population has been tweaked to be more...
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theHunter: Primal – All Log Entries

theHunter: Primal – All Log Entries Here are all the log entries found in theHunter: Primal (or at least I think so, I haven’t found more…). If you find a missing one, send me a note! For a map location, check out the theHunter: Primal Game Guide. Location: Raptor Bay Peter Murphy, log entry 25 “So we decided on a name for this place: Rapture Bay. We will be taken from this place and take our seat in Heaven. The blood is spilled, the meat is fresh and we can hear those who will deliver us beyond the treeline.” Location: Skyfall Basin Vasili Pavlov, log entry 90 “Whatever crashed here was NOT a simple meteor. I do not care what professor Kim says! My readings show traces of metal alloys that are previously unknown to us.” Location: Site A Sgt. DeMeyer, log entry 242 “The way the morning broke was quite unusual. The ground started sort of grinding. Smoke unfolded like a gigantic flower.” Location: Diana’s Grove Diana Lee, log entry 65 “I like this place. The ocean ahead, my back against the cliffs. I got a good gun and plenty of supplies. Things won’t get any better than this so I might as well end it myself before something else does.” Location: Bushwack Meadows Reyna Cromley, log entry 30 “Marvelous! Redmond was right, this is a hunting paradise! Just look at those three horned creatures across the lake. Those heads would look fantastic mounted above the great fireplace over at Castle Phaeton.” Location: War Chief’s Mound Unknown, log entry 1 “She was great war chief. Even Chop Chop was scared. A great sadness that it was Threehorn that killed her.” Location: Site Z Major Tyson, log entry X “The Executive Board is convinced that there atleast has been some activity here that is not of human origin. I remain sceptical, so are most in the...
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theHunter: Primal – Game update 2015011402

theHunter: Primal – Game update 2015011402 So a new game update (2015011402) has been released for theHunter: Primal! Among other changes, the most asked for, and included now was the item stacking (along with splitting). It is now possible to stack ammo so say good bye to all of that 1-3 piles populating your inventory! To stack items together just put one in the inventory slot and then put the other over it, and the two will combine into one stack. The item to stack with must be in its inventory slot, not in the backpack. Stacking items directly inside the backpack doesn’t work. As long as you have the capacity, you can be grabbing items and stack them together. For splitting a stack, just click and drag while pressing the SHIFT key. Then choose the amount you want to split and press OK. You will now have 2 stacks of that item. Great to share some ammo with friends. As for equipment, they’ve added the Merc Binoculars. This bino’s are really a great addition to the game and also have Range Finder feature on it (i wish that it also had zoom steps but it’s fixed). The Game Guide has been updated for it. Splitting items Stacking items Merc Binoculars Merc Binoculars RF feature For a full description of the update you can check out the news page at Steam of the...
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theHunter: Primal Game Guide

theHunter: Primal Game Guide Here’s a intro game guide for theHunter: Primal. Remember, this game is still under development so I’ll change this guide as the game gets updated. for game version: v113 | v2015011402 Last updated: 12 Jan, 2015 Intro You take the mission to recolonize Primal Eden, a primitive world inhabited by dinosaurs. For this, you will have to hunt and survive on the planet. The controls are straightforward: move with the W, S, A, D keys (forward, back, left and right) and look, aim and shoot with the mouse. You interact (pick rocks and open cases) with the E key, F to throw the rocks and I to access the inventory. Each slot of the inventory has its own key (1 to 5). You also can sprint while pressing the C key and go crouch and prone with the Ctrl key (SHIFT to get up again). You can toggle auto-run pressing the Q key and free-look mode with the X key. The game has two playing modes, single player and multiplayer. Both require internet and steam connection. In single player, or more accurate – private game session, you face the world by yourself. As for multiplayer, you can play with other players, in cooperative mode or against each others (PVP) – and the world. In the game the time is 12 x faster, so one day cycle is about 2 hours of real time. You start the game with nothing more than some clothes, a bow, pack of arrows and the SettlerMate. When continuing a game, you will start with your previous items. When you die, you start a new game. The SettlerMate is a GPS / tracking device that you can use to see yourself on the map and get info about the animals tracks. For more information you can check out the ingame Survival Handbook. The player has...
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theHunter: Primal (Early Access)

theHunter: Primal (Early Access) So, after some more hours in this game, here is the final review/opinion on theHunter: Primal. Although you must remember that this game is still in beta / early release phase,  so as the game gets updated, or goes final, I’ll change this review according. As I already said on my previous article about theHunter: Primal, the game is really fun to play. Contrary to theHunter (original), it’s a very fast paced game but retains all the great aspects of it. In theHunter: Primal, the player not only hunts but also has to survive in the dangerous world of Primal Eden. The game, currently, counts with 3 species of dinosaurs: Utahraptor, Triceratops and the T-Rex; 5 weapons: Bow, .44 Handgun, 12 GA Shotgun, .308 Rifle and the .700 Double Rifle; and some equipment like health packs, camo and a caller. The game has a pretty decent hunting area and the environment is mainly primitive look-like, remembering the Jurassic Park movie. By its own, it will make you spent some time just exploring and enjoying the landscape (I did). The animals are well modeled and have really great textures. Each specie has male and female variants, and as for the AI, it’s decent. All the species have characteristic animations, and sounds, that you can use to predict their action, like when they have detected or spotted you. The carnivorous will track and hunt you down when they spot you, while the herbivorous, Triceratops, will run away. The factors that seem to be accounted for detection are sound, vision and smell. At this moment, and I hope that in the future they will, the species don’t interact with each other. The most dangerous animal in the game is, of course, the T-Rex. One bite and you’re dead. But the ones I hate the most are the raptors. These buggers are almost...
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theHunter: Primal – Trainning the T-Rex (or almost…)

theHunter: Primal – Trainning the T-Rex (or almost…) A quick video on theHunter: Primal. The game is still in early access so funny things happen. After the T-Rex’s stopped, I’ve noticed that they would imitate me, so I decided and try to train them lol.
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theHunter: Primal (Early Access)

theHunter: Primal (Early Access) “Hunt – Explore – Survive Step into a huge Jurassic world (24 km2 / 9.3 mi2) where the very environment will challenge your survival skills. theHunter: Primal is a new member in the highly popular theHunter Franchise created by Expansive Worlds and Avalanche Studios. Since the release of the original game over 4.5 million players have played the game! theHunter: Primal offers both singleplayer and multiplayer modes (up to 16 players), and you can make each game session private. For a real challenge join or create a PvP session, but for players that want to focus on cooperation you can turn PvP off. In theHunter: Primal players begin with very limited equipment. You need to explore the island in search of more powerful weapons, clothing and equipment. Sounds easy? Well not only is the island littered with poisonous plants, but deadly dinosaurs roam the island looking to feast on the weak. Only the foolish will challenge the mighty Tyrannosaur Rex alone. Careful planning, cooperation and backpacks filled with ammo and weapons is needed to bring this beast down. But watch out! The island is also populated with highly intelligent Utahraptors traveling in packs. Like wolves they communicate and work together to bring down a lonely hunter. Make sure to check you six! Want a more peaceful hunt? In that case the Triceratops might be an easier prey. The game features a persistent inventory system, which means that what you collect in one game session is available in another. But alas, this comes with a price. If you die, all your equipment is lost, but if you are fast enough you can claim back your lost backpack before another hunter loots your stuff. For the more helpful players, we have made sure that you can share items with your other hunters. “ Opinion The theHunter: Primal is the newest (yet...
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