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Cabela’s BGH Pro Hunts: Pronghorn Trophy

Cabela’s BGH Pro Hunts: Pronghorn Trophy The Pronghorn is (imo) one of the easiest animals to spot in Cabela’s BGH Pro Hunts but also the more frightened and trophy wise harder to find. Here’s a screenshot of one of my trophies.
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Cabela’s BGH Pro Hunts Trophies

Cabela’s BGH Pro Hunts Trophies After the Cabela’s Big Game Hunter Pro Hunts Review, I leave you with my hunt trophies. 🙂 Really had a great time hunting them down! As for tips, I can advise you to search for the big ones while you are in the Challenge hunts. I had a big time searching for the Caribou “monster” trophy… and only got it after starting a new game and in a challenge hunt. When doing hunts, start the (open) hunt at the time of the day that has more spots in the area, i.e.: bedding or feeding. The animals will spawn at these spots so you will have a higher chance to get more animals. That’s all for now, happy...
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Cabela’s Big Game Hunter Pro Hunts

Cabela’s Big Game Hunter Pro Hunts Take down the world’s biggest game with the world’s foremost hunting experts as your guide. Fine-tune your hunting and tracking techniques in real-world, environmental conditions including natural animal survival behaviors and more realistic environmental conditions in the most expansive Cabela’s game yet. Guided hunts and advice from the sport’s top experts Jim Shockey, Wade Middleton, and Ralph & Vicki Cianciarulo. Real-world tips and advice from the pro’s! Expansive Locations with Meaningful Strategic Choices 4X the size of any previous Cabela’s® Big Game Hunter® console game. Track, scout and target your trophy animal in new and impactful ways. The Most Immersive, Realistic Cabela’s game ever! The most authentic hunting ballistics ever in a Cabela’s® game. Lifelike animal behavior including predator awarenes. .Experience natural environmental occurrences that require you to modify your hunting techniques. Review Welcome to Pro Hunts, the first (more) realistic Cabela’s hunting games. In Pro Hunts you are guided by top hunting experts around the four regions of America. You start the game with a couple of tutorials where you learn the game and hunting basics and continue with some challenge hunts. Each region has two Pro Slam hunts where, with the help of the experts, you hunt down the biggest trophies. Beside the Pro and challenge hunts, you also can go by your own on the open hunts. Here, it’s up to you to track and bag the region animals you want. As for content, the game has a great variety of animal species including ambient animals, which also can be hunted. You have at your disposal a reasonable amount of weapons, ammo and gear, but I would like to see more gear here. The animals models and dynamics kinda resemble others Cabela’s BGH games (some animals seem like that they have been imported from other games) and they do look better in the intros than in...
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Cabela’s African Adventures

Cabela’s African Adventures “Explore the vast wilderness of Africa on foot and by vehicle, where you’ll go head to head with the most ferocious beasts on the planet as you attempt to take down the biggest of the “Big 5:” The Rhino, Lion, Leopard, Cape Buffalo & African Elephant!” Review As all games from Cabela’s, Cabela’s African Adventures is focused in a story rather than real hunting. Once you finish the game, in story mode, there isn’t much you can do here other than roaming around the areas hunting normal game animals or repeating the story. Besides the story mode, this time, they also present a “Shooting Galleries” mode where you can walk along some tracks and shoot animals like an arcade game, which offers a bit more fun (and game time) to the game. The game story is revealed with some nice animations resembling a comic book. Here, you get to be a big hunter called Mason going on a African safari, from the savannah to the desert and jungle. Mason is payed to try to find the pieces of a lost tribal statue meanwhile hunting the dangerous animals, and in the course of the story it will also get a bit romantic. As for the game, it has decent graphics (not too real, not too dummy-like) and a fair enough of everything, from weapons to animals, areas and missions. As you play along, you can upgrade the weapons by finding hidden objects (fossils) and besides the story missions you also have some free hunts you can do to earn XP and unlock hunting abilities. After some time playing, you will start to feel that the missions resemble one each other, being to stalk or survive or shooting/boss fight, but they will have you entertained and busy while playing them. As for the animals, they don’t have that much dynamic. Not...
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Cabela’s Dangerous Hunts 2013

Cabela’s Dangerous Hunts 2013 “In an epic story written by Andrew Kreisberg of Fringe, two brothers are torn apart after the death of their father at the hands of a grizzly bear. Ten years later, the estranged brothers reunite for the hunt of their lives. One beast tore them apart. Can another beast bring them back together? In Cabela’s Dangerous Hunts 2013 you get Deadlier Predators and Deadlier Hunts. Smarter and Deadlier Predators: The new Prowler animal AI engine simulates pack social hierarchies, coordinates complex group tactics and takes advantage of the surroundings to set up deadly ambushes. New Maneater Co-op Mode: Two players can join together to take on wave after wave of increasingly deadly beasts in the all-new split screen Maneater mode. Can you hold your own against the most vicious beasts the animal kingdom has to offer? Find out in Cabela’s Dangerous Hunts...
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Cabela’s Hunting Expeditions

Cabela’s Hunting Expeditions “Cabela’s Hunting Expeditions is more than just a game – it is an authentic hunting experience. Cabela’s Hunting Expeditions is like having a world-class outfitter at your fingertips. With unprecedented freedom, you decide the destination and the journey. Cover more territory and position yourself closer to the trophies by means of vehicles. Since every move you make is ultimately monitored and graded, the power to maximize your score will come through a sharpened skill set and strategic gameplay. A challenge for hunters of all levels. With Cabela’s Hunting Expeditions, you get realistic hunting at its finest: Use the all-new Strategic View to plan your hunts with unprecedented freedom of movement in any Cabela’s game. Customize your firearms to suit the game you’re hunting and earn upgrades by skillfully completing hunts and challenges. Realistic animal behaviors such as herd mentalities and fight-or-flight responses put your hunting skills to the test. Explore 15 immersive environments in North America and Africa; traverse terrain on foot or in a...
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Cabela’s Big Game Hunter 2008 (Trophy Bucks)

Cabela’s Big Game Hunter 2008 (Trophy Bucks) “Cabela’s Big Game Hunter 2008 (Trophy Bucks) is a hunting simulation video game, in which a player can track and stalk a variety of trophy deer over 24 states and provinces across North America. Species includes Whitetail, Rocky Mountain Mule Deer, Sitka, Desert Mule Deer, Columbian Black Tail and many...
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