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HU PowerPack 1.01 update

HU PowerPack 1.01 update Here is the first update to the PowerPacks! This update has some minor fixes to the games but big changes in the installers game support. For the games, i’ve fixed a bug in HU 2009 and HU 2010 that was preventing .30-378 Debs Ultimate Hunter Xpecial Edition to be loaded in the games when using the orange camo (thanks to Brian T. for beep me up on this 🙂 ). For the others HU’s (2 to 2008), they just got a version bump up. As for the installers, among other features, i’ve added an alternate install method so that you can install them even if they don’t detect the game installation. To install them this way, just move the installer to the game folder (where the base.scs file is located, except for HU 2) and install from there. Now, when installing this way you must be cautious because if you are installing a different PowerPack for that game (i.e.: installing HU PP 4 in HU 2010 game folder), the PowerPack will get installed on that game and it will brake it. I will also take the time to, once more, thank to Brian T. for his donation to the site. Thanks Brian! Now, on to the PowerPack download page!...
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Deer Hunter 2005 ModPack v1.1

Deer Hunter 2005 ModPack v1.1 And one more modpack updated 🙂 This time for Deer Hunter 2005, I’ve made new installer so it will be easy to install it, and it also includes uninstallation procedure. As for content, I’ve added 5 new ammo types: 3 for rifles (2 for pistol too) and 2 for the Mag revolver. For more details on the update check the ChangeLog page. As for full features, check the Features page and also the DH Gallery page 🙂 Finally, and most important (of course), you can grab your DH HU Corner ModPack at the Download...
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ModPack out, PowerPack in!

ModPack out, PowerPack in! Well, now the installer(s) is(are) the way i wanted to, so I’ve also made some changes. I’ve combined/included all the features from the ModPack, HU Corner Range and SU (Sniper Utility) in one pack, thus the PowerPack! 🙂 For a complete detail on changes and features you can check the Features page and the ChangeLog page. Things I’ve changed since the latest (v3.04) ModPack; upgraded my scopes from 6-24x to 8-40x with 4 steps of zoom level. changed the name of the scopes to their zoom level so you can now customize their reticles using the HU PowerPack Scope Customizer Addon. included the HU Corner Range. included the features of the SU (extended limits: view, RF and shooting). enabled game mini maps for Free Hunt. These maps are used on the intro’s. They’re smaller than the normal ones, but you can still use them to hunt. Watch out to not fall out, ’cause them don’t have borders. increased number of generated animals by the game. As for this last one, I can see a question coming… “How about the tourneys?” Well, what about them?!? Is this gonna affect them? Yes and no! The increased number of animals will not increase also the chance to get a bigger (score) animal. The game will still distribute the scores as it normally does so the % is the same. The only thing that changes is that you will have more animals, they can be bigger (in score) or smaller, but you will still have the same % and randomness. In fact, as HU4+ has few score ranges you will see yourself trying harder to ID the bigger and better animals among so much more now! eheheh. As for the installers, i’ve added support for v1.2.1 of HU2 and 1.2.01 of HU3, both versions from the Trophy Collection Edition. The installers will create...
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HU Exotic Animals Skin Pack

HU Exotic Animals Skin Pack Just a bunch of exotic/crazy animal skins that I did for HU. Check the video bellow 🙂 These skins will come in the upcoming (mod)pack. updated: The skin pack is available as a Addon. You can grab it at the Addons download page.
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New installers for ModPack and others (08/13)

New installers for ModPack and others (08/13) And another update, this time nothing for extra content but only to the installers. Now they look like normal game installers and continue to be completely automatically. I’ve updated /changed the installers for all HU ModPacks, joined the HU 3 Addons in one pack, the HU 3 Addon Pack, and also changed the HU Corner (Target) Range so you can install it on all HU games (from HU 4 to HU 2010) you have installed. The new installers also have better compression, so they are even smaller in size and you can now download them from the site without me having to (re)pack them again. Just download and run (and hunt)! Happy Hunting!...
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HU ModPack v3.04

HU ModPack v3.04 And time for a new version of the HU ModPack! This new release doesn’t have a lot of new content but inside it’s a big update :). As for new features, it brings: New weapon: the .30-378 Debs Ultimate Hunter Xpecial Edition is based on the 7mm auto loader, packed with special ammo from weatherby. You can now choose any animal species when playing Free Hunt mode. Installer script for the ModPacks and HU 3 Addons updated. Now it will try to find the game installation folder and install automatically. Added installation support for Steam version of HU 2008 and HU 2010. Grab the new version now at the Download section and don’t forget to check the complete features and stop by the gallery...
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Hunting Unlimited 2010

Hunting Unlimited 2010 “Experience fast-paced hunting action while in pursuit of the biggest trophy bucks throughout North America, Canada, Africa, and now Europe! Get the Shot. Get the Game. It’s always open season for the world’s most majestic game animals: whitetail deer, elk, moose, grizzly bear, turkey, and – New This Year – European Red Deer. Your license for adventure awaits. Track the quarry of your choice as you explore rugged land – from Texas to Alaska and on African Safari. The ultimate PC hunting experience is back for 2010 season… bigger and better again! Play the challenges, free hunt mode, or target range. Design your own challenges for endless...
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