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theHunter: Primal Game Guide

theHunter: Primal Game Guide Here’s a intro game guide for theHunter: Primal. Remember, this game is still under development so I’ll change this guide as the game gets updated. for game version: v113 | v2015011402 Last updated: 12 Jan, 2015 Intro You take the mission to recolonize Primal Eden, a primitive world inhabited by dinosaurs. For this, you will have to hunt and survive on the planet. The controls are straightforward: move with the W, S, A, D keys (forward, back, left and right) and look, aim and shoot with the mouse. You interact (pick rocks and open cases) with the E key, F to throw the rocks and I to access the inventory. Each slot of the inventory has its own key (1 to 5). You also can sprint while pressing the C key and go crouch and prone with the Ctrl key (SHIFT to get up again). You can toggle auto-run pressing the Q key and free-look mode with the X key. The game has two playing modes, single player and multiplayer. Both require internet and steam connection. In single player, or more accurate – private game session, you face the world by yourself. As for multiplayer, you can play with other players, in cooperative mode or against each others (PVP) – and the world. In the game the time is 12 x faster, so one day cycle is about 2 hours of real time. You start the game with nothing more than some clothes, a bow, pack of arrows and the SettlerMate. When continuing a game, you will start with your previous items. When you die, you start a new game. The SettlerMate is a GPS / tracking device that you can use to see yourself on the map and get info about the animals tracks. For more information you can check out the ingame Survival Handbook. The player has...
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