Posted by Itamar Lourenço on July 30, 2013
3-D Hunting 2010

3-D Hunting 2010

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“Hunt or be hunted – get ready to track down 26 different types of animals, ranging from deer to elephants, in a variety of different locations around the world including the African savannah, North American prairies and European forests.

Purchase 16 different weapons such as bows, hunting rifles and items to improve your tracking, shooting and hiding skills.”



3-D Hunting 2010 is probably the most unethical hunting game out there. Not only you get to hunt endangered species as you can use exotic equipment not so hunting related…

Despite this ethical issue, it’s a fun game to play.
Your goal on the game is to hunt down trophies (animals) for money, while trying to avoid getting busted by the park rangers.

The game has a reasonable amount of species to hunt and equipment to use. Also, the hunting areas are suitable for this game, not to big or to small. The graphics, animals AI and gameplay aren’t something new on this kind of game, making it a kids game or for spending some time.

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