Posted by Itamar Lourenço on April 16, 2014
Hunter’s Trophy 2 – America

Hunter’s Trophy 2 – America

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Experience the true thrill of the hunt!

More complete, fun and realistic than ever, the Hunting Challenge series has earned a reputation as the best hunting simulation for consoles.

Realistic animal behaviour, a variety of environments, weapons, animals, hunting plans, equipment and skills to unlock, online leaderboards, training in shooting at fixed and moving targets… all are brought together to offer a unique gaming experience which will delight experienced and novice hunters as well as players just looking to experience something new.

Key features:

  • Three game modes:
  • Hunting season: obtain new hunting licenses and unlock new skills
  • Shooting range: train at ball-trap, duck shooting, fixed or moving targets, and compare your scores with your friends’
  • Hunting weekend: freely explore the hunting region of your choice and participate in several activities (using a hunting hide, jump shooting, stalking…)
  • Five environments: Kentucky marshes, Colorado plains, Alaskan mountains, Wyoming lakes, Alberta forest
  • More than 20 different types of prey: Moose, brown bear, coyote, raccoon, wild turkey, wild boar, badger
  • Three types of hunting: Tracking, stalking and beating
  • Choose from amongst 3 hunting dogs with different behaviour, and play as them during the tracking phases
  • Over 30 different hunting plans to complete
  • 10 weapons to unlock
  • Admire your game in the trophy room.



Hunter’s Trophy 2 – America is the latest game in the  Hunter’s Trophy 2 series. It doesn’t bring anything new to the series other than new (few) animals.

The really strong feature on this game, and game series, is the hunting dog feature (as you can see on the video below). It’s definitely a unique and great feature!
Not only you can track the animals, like in others hunting games, but you can also be the dog and track. Other that this, the game is plain simple. You walk around in the hunting areas tracking for the animals and then bag some to complete the hunts. Very straight forward and mix between arcade and shoot-em up style.
There isn’t much (or none) AI on the animals or even game dynamics. See it like a kids game…

As for the graphics, they could be better indeed, and as I said, the game is almost the same as the previous ones. You can even find the same scenarios used in all three games, with the difference of some animals.

To sum things up, it’s a fun game for children or novice hunters where you just follow the objectives to bag the hunts.
At its current value, I don’t think it’s worth it, but if you can grab it on a deal (like I did, for 5€) you might want to try it.

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4 Responses to “Hunter’s Trophy 2 – America”

  1. James Mantrial says:

    Where you got it from?

  2. Mydnyte says:

    Got this one on sale for about $5. As a hunting arcade shooter, it’s decent, as a hunting simulation, it’s a total disappointment.

    I won’t be too hard on the company that made this though, as it’s nice to see someone still releasing an outdoors game.

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