Posted by Itamar Lourenço on January 8, 2015
theHunter: Primal (Early Access)

theHunter: Primal (Early Access)

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So, after some more hours in this game, here is the final review/opinion on theHunter: Primal. Although you must remember that this game is still in beta / early release phase,  so as the game gets updated, or goes final, I’ll change this review according.

As I already said on my previous article about theHunter: Primal, the game is really fun to play. Contrary to theHunter (original), it’s a very fast paced game but retains all the great aspects of it.
In theHunter: Primal, the player not only hunts but also has to survive in the dangerous world of Primal Eden. The game, currently, counts with 3 species of dinosaurs: Utahraptor, Triceratops and the T-Rex; 5 weapons: Bow, .44 Handgun, 12 GA Shotgun, .308 Rifle and the .700 Double Rifle; and some equipment like health packs, camo and a caller.

The game has a pretty decent hunting area and the environment is mainly primitive look-like, remembering the Jurassic Park movie. By its own, it will make you spent some time just exploring and enjoying the landscape (I did).

The animals are well modeled and have really great textures. Each specie has male and female variants, and as for the AI, it’s decent.
All the species have characteristic animations, and sounds, that you can use to predict their action, like when they have detected or spotted you. The carnivorous will track and hunt you down when they spot you, while the herbivorous, Triceratops, will run away. The factors that seem to be accounted for detection are sound, vision and smell.
At this moment, and I hope that in the future they will, the species don’t interact with each other.
The most dangerous animal in the game is, of course, the T-Rex. One bite and you’re dead. But the ones I hate the most are the raptors. These buggers are almost in pack and they are harder to loose track than the T-Rex. The Triceratops is just like a big cow wandering around.

As for weapons and equipment, you’ll have to explore and find old camp sites in order to get better gear, ammo and camo. Here, there is one thing that I would like to be changed as soon as possible and that is ammo stacking. Sometimes you find ammo packs with just 1 or 2 bullets, and when hunting or being attacked, there isn’t much time to be reloading your weapon several times…

Other than this, I had some game crashes but nothing much. As I said before, for a early access game, theHunter: Primal is pretty decent and a game you can really enjoy playing.

So, what are your comments on this game for now?

Happy hunting! 🙂

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8 Responses to “theHunter: Primal (Early Access)”

  1. RedBlueDot says:

    Great video! I got the game, I’ll send you a friend request on steam so we can play it.

  2. Suarez says:

    How about killing the T-Rex?

    • I’ll try to make a video with some hunts. For some reason the game crashes more times when I’m using fraps, and for t-rex you must be very well prepared (lots of ammo…) just in case. I had taken down some with just 4 bullets (.700) and others have taken 15 plus :/. Before going after the t-rex’s I spent a lot of time looting and getting lots of ammo, so I’ve avoid using fraps while hunting t-rex. But I’ll try to make a video on that.

  3. Danny says:

    Is there multiplayer?

  4. Callen says:

    Game is full of bugs!

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