Save Games

Here you can find savegames for several games. These savegames are my own and can be (100%) complete or have just the necessary completion to unlock the game.

I put my savegames available here, not so you can skip/cheat the game(s) but so you can see the game(s) unlocked and then try for yourself. There isn’t anything better that to beat the game with our own merit. 🙂

Most of the savegames are packed with WinRar Self-Extracting archive with the default savegame folder set, so you just need to run it. On the extracting screen/window, confirm the “Destination folder” and click extract.

If you already have your own savegame for a game, before installing mine, do a backup copy of it. Most of the savegames will replace existing ones (default slot 1).Some games may require that you first create a profile/savegame prior to installing these ones.


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