PowerPack ChangeLog

version 1.01 - Installers : 2013/11/16

. Added alternate install method.
. Added versioning features.

version 1.01 - PowerPack : 2013/11/16

. Bug fixed that preventing .30-378 Debs Ultimate Hunter Xpecial Edition
  weapon to be loaded in the games when using the orange camo, on HU 2009
  and HU 2010. 
. PowerPack version bump for HU 2 to HU 2008.


version 1.0 - Installers : 2013/08/23

HU2: Supports version 1.2 (retail) and 1.2.1 (trophy collection) of game.
HU3: Supports version 1.2 (retail) and 1.2.01 (trophy collection) of game.
HU4: Supports version 1.0 (retail) of game.
HU2008: Supports version 1.0 (retail and Steam Edition) of game.
HU2009: Supports version 1.0 (retail) of game.
HU2010: Supports version 1.0 (retail and Steam Edition) of game.

version 1.0 - PowerPack : 2013/08/23

  * .17 Remington BigArn Henry Lever (ita)
  * .223 Rem Lever action (HU Mod Squad)
  * .243 Remington Model 700 CDL (ita)
  * .25-06 Remington Model 700 CDL (ita)
  * .284 Lazzeroni Firebird (Big~Daddy)
  * .338 Sako TRG-42 (Bolt-Thrower) (HU3+ only)
  * .338 Lapua Magnum Timberwolf (Lone Wolf) (HU3+ only)
  * .408 Cheytac Timberwolf (Lone Wolf) (HU3+ only)
  * .300 WSM Barnes MRX Reptile Bolt (ita) (HU2010 only)
  * .30-06 Browning A-Bolt Stainless Stalker (ita)
  * .35 Whelen Remington Model 700 CDL (ita)
  * .416 Barrett Model 99 semi-auto (Imasniper) (HU3+ only)
  * .450 BushMaster Chameleon (ita)
  * .45 Muzzleloader (Lone Wolf)
  * .45 Colt Henry Lever (ita)
  * .50 BMG Bolt Action Rifle (Lone Wolf) (HU3+ only)
  * .50 FPB Hornady Muzzleloader (edwards72)
  * .577 T-Rex Double Rifle (MuratInce)
  * M107 SASR (Imasniper and ^v^LadyHawke^v^) (HU3+ only)
  * .30-378 Debs Ultimate Hunter Xpecial Edition (ita)
  * 7mm-08 Remington Model 700 CDL (ita)
  * 7mm Debs Big Girl Rem Ultra Mag (ita)
  * 7mm WSM Model 70 (ita)
  * 7.62x51mm M40A3 (3000yrd shot)
  * 7.62x54R Mosin Nagant M38 Rifle (Stormbringer)
  * 8mm Mauser bolt action rifle (Imasniper)
  * PzB 39 Panzerbuchse (Aussie Guy)
  * 12ga Browning Citori XS Sporting (ita)
  * 12ga Ithaca DeerSlayer III (ita & Arnoldwleedy)
  * 20ga Ithaca TurkeySlayer III (ita & Arnoldwleedy)
  * .44 Revolver from HU2 (ita) (HU3 only)
  * .44 Magnum 6 Shot Revolver (Aussie Guy)
  * .45 Auto M1911 (Imasniper)
  * .500 S&W Magnum Revolver (Lone Wolf)
  * 9mm USS ARIZONA Tribute Edition (edwards72)
  * PSE X-Force 7 GX Compound Bow (ita)
  * Jaguar Take-Down Black Recurve Bow (ita)

* Air Gun enabled (ita)

  * 4.5-18x Leupold RF (Imasniper)
  * 5-22x Nightforce NXS quick zoom RF (Lone Wolf)
  * 8-40x Zeiss Rapid-Z Varmint RF (ita) (HU4+ only)
  * 8-40x Circle Duplex RF (ita) (HU4+ only)
  * 6-24x Zeiss Rapid-Z Varmint RF (ita) (HU2/3 only)
  * 6-24x Zeiss Rapid-Z Varmint Illuminated RF (ita) (HU2/3 only)
  * 12-28x Circle Duplex RF (ita) (HU2/3 only)
  * 12-28x Mil-Dot RF (ita) (HU2/3 only)
  * 18-26x BigArn Xtreme Lineage RF (ita) (HU2/3 only)

  * 20-60x Euro Spotting Camo Scope (ita)
  * 4-25x Spotting scope (Lone Wolf)
  * Doe Scent Wafers (ita) (HU3+ only)
  * Universal Call (ita) (HU3+ only)
  * Blood Scent (ita) (HU3+ only)
  * Red Ground Blind enabled (ita) (HU3+ only)
  * Tent Blind Camo’s enabled (ita) (HU3+ only)
  * Tripod Camo (ita) (HU4+ only)
  * Forest King ATV (Bolt-Thrower) (HU4+ only)
  * Grizzly ATV (ita) (HU4+ only)
  * Black Horse (Imasniper) (HU4+ only)
  * Zebra Horse (ita) (HU4+ only)
  * Wolf Call (ita) (HU2009+ only)
  * Wolf Decoy (ita) (HU2009+ only)

* all equipment has its own ingame icons. (ita)

Hunters (HU3+ only)
  * ita (boy) Hunter - face, camo clothes/accessories and voices (ita)
  * Camo (man) Hunter - Camo hunter own camo clothes/face and voices (ita)
  * Tough (man) Hunter - face (ita)
  * Grandpa (man) Hunter - face (ita)
  * Blonde (lady) Hunter - face (ita)

  * Weapon, Equipment and Gear selection menus fixed. (ita)
  * Game objects added to the User Missions Editor. (ita) (HU3+ only)
  * Tent Blind ingame icon fixed. (ita)
  * Box Stand ingame icon fixed. (ita)
  * Hunters sound script fixed. (ita) (HU3+ only)
  * New animals sounds. (ita) (HU3+ only)
  * New map musics. (ita) (HU4+ only)
  * Whitetail Deer antlers score fixed. (ita) (HU4+ only)
  * “Big Game Sharpshooter” challenge weapon fixed. (HU2010 only)
  * “Snow on Africa” bug for online tourneys fixed. (HU2010 only)
  * “Dumb” animal script profile added. (ita) (HU2/3 only)
  * .44 Revolver 3rd person view/trophy pose model added. (ita) (HU3 only)
  * All animals available in Free Hunt mode. (RugerMeister, Pat_Booned, ita)
  * HU Corner (Target) Range. (ita) (HU4+ only)
  * Shooting, RF and Viewing distance limits extended. (ita) (HU4+ only)
  * Increased number of generated animals on Free Hunt. (ita)
  * Enabled game mini maps for Free Hunt. (ita) (HU4+ only)


 * When you change the graphic options while in the game, the viewing
   distance will be reset to the old game limit. To have the increased view,
   just exit and enter the game.

 * When using all the available animal/species slots and setting them all to
   HIGH, your game may slow down due to the increased number of generated
   The increased number of generated animals on HIGH setting is intended to
   be used when selecting few species to hunt.

 * When playing in the game mini maps (green valley and africa valley) watch
   out to not fall over. These maps don't have "borders". Also, the map does
   not work on mini maps.