PowerPack Installation

The PowerPack installation is very easy! It’s like installing the game. 😉

You just have to download it and run the installer!

Watch the video at the bottom of this page. It’s was recorded installing the old ModPack but the installation procedure is similar.


  • The PowerPacks and Addons are intended to be used with the original versions of the games.
  • When installing a PowerPack/Addon, i recommend that you make a backup copy of your game files (important: base.scs).
    All PowerPacks installers have this option on installing.
  • Some PowerPacks installations may reset your Addons, so you will need to reinstall them.
  • If for some reason the PowerPack fails to install, you can try the alternate install method: move the installer to the game folder and install it from there. When installing this way, make sure the PowerPack you are installing is the one for that game otherwise it will brake your game!.


Advanced user installation

For HU 2 and HU 3, the init.cfg file must have only one “command” per line. Sometimes notepad can join 2 lines in one.

HU3 init.cfg EXAMPLE FILE:

# data specific to a project
mount -o ro,p2 base.scs /

# global data
mount -o ro,p1 data.scs /

# mod stuff
mount -o ro,p3 mod.scs / # This is the modpack file.
mount -o ro,p3 update_v206.scs / # This is a (modpack) update file.
mount -o ro,p4 horse.scs / # This is a addon file - black horse.
mount -o ro,p4 atv.scs / # This is a addon file - grizzly atv.
mount -o ro,p4 sounds.scs / # This is a addon file - sounds.


HU2 init.cfg EXAMPLE FILE:

# data specific to a project
mount -o ro,p2 "hu2/base.scs" /
mount -o ro,p3 "hu2/patch_1_2.scs" /

# global data
mount -o ro,p2 "data.scs" /

# mod stuff
mount -o ro,p3 "hu2/mod.scs" / # This is the modpack file.


The order in which you “place” the files is important! Always place them in this order (starting from top to bottom):

original game files (ex: data.scs)
modpack file (ex: mod.scs)
update pack files (ex: update_vX.scs)
addons files (ex: atv.scs)

In HU2 init.cfg file don’t forget the double quotes “” surrounding the names.

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